Fascinating. Captivating. Mythical – Asian elephants

Asian elephants are the second largest land animals. They might have much smaller ears than their slightly larger African relatives, but regardless of the size of their ears, elephants are always fascinating. This might be due to their impressive size, profound look in their eyes, the countless myths that surround the pachyderms or their high intelligence. In short, nobody can resist the captivating aura of the elephants!


A Swiss with a vision – this is who we are!

It all began with a dream. But now, our “Green Elephant Sanctuary Park Phuket” has become a reality. Many years ago, Urs Fehr was already dreaming of protecting elephants in Thailand. And as he gained a better understanding of elephants in general, he also learned that many Thai elephants live in terrible conditions. As a consequence, opening the elephant sanctuary became an affair of the heart.

Our park is created in accordance with European animal protection laws and is a harbour for elephants on the Phuket Peninsula. The park is located near Surin Beach, right in the middle of the gorgeous jungle. It stretches over an enormous area of 40,000m² where an idyllic stream flows into a small lake. It goes without saying that we have used as many natural and renewable resources as possible in our ecological park project. Right from the start, our goal was crystal clear: We want to take our visitors on an unforgettable journey to the world of the Asian elephants!


Our visitors can get in close contact with the impressive pachyderms by touching and feeding them. Thanks to our “Green Elephant Sanctuary Park Phuket”, abused elephants get a second chance at life – without chains and beatings. In our park, traumatised animals are not allowed to be ridden. We have built four species-appropriate night compounds, fulfilling the needs of the nocturnal Asian elephants who sleep during the heat of the day. When planning the construction of the park, we put emphasis on a round-the-clock water supply which is, unfortunately, unusual in Thailand. On top of that, we pay a lot of attention to a healthy and balanced diet for our elephants. At the moment, “Green Elephant Sanctuary Park Phuket” is home to four full-grown elephants with two baby elephants. This means that our visitors can experience how naïve, happy, clumsy and lovable the life of an elephant starts in Thailand!



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