Vision Green Elephant Clinic Phuket

Right after starting to plan our park, we noticed that medical care for elephants is very close to our hearts. Sick elephants can hardly cope with long journeys to animal hospitals. Moreover, those journeys often cause logistical problems. In our elephant hospital, however, elephant owners are offered health care at minimum cost price. Should an owner not have enough money, our hospital pays the entire treatment. Unfortunately, it often happens that elephant owners, who are called mahouts in Thailand, cannot afford medical care for their animals. As a consequence, they only see a veterinarian when the elephant is critically ill. Ambulant treatment is not always possible any more so that the animals have to be taken on a six hour journey to the closest elephant hospital in Krabi. Such a journey means extreme torture for ill and weak elephants, and can even be fatal.

In addition to our elephant hospital, we would like to create a mobile clinic which allows elephants to be treated comfortably, conveniently and quickly on the spot. We will start the planning of this project and launch the crowdfunding campaign after the successful start of our park.

By visiting “Green Elephant Sanctuary Park Phuket”, you also support this project because the park will make a huge contribution to financing the clinic – welcome!


Green Elephant Sanctuary Park Phuket
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